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What is the SassyTechGirl Magazine?

A magazine that gives a voice and a face of diversity of the Real Women of IT (Information Technology).

Who are we?

WE are sexy, fun, creative, and   ALL THINGS TECHNOLOGY

WE are here to give the world an inside scoop on our life, ingenuity, passions, and lifestyle.

WE are dedicated to telling the world OUR Story everyday not just Women History Month

WE are more than coders, gamers, pc techs.

WE will raise up the standard of how others view and respect us.

WE are Mothers, daughters, sisters, CEOs, Founders, Co-Founders & Executives.

WE are multiplying and here to STAY!!!

Why a Technology magazine?

As we searched for a magazine that caters to the whole woman within the IT profession we found out it didn't exist.  Sure we found Women of Diversity, Oprah magazine, Cosmopolitan, Better Living, Forbes, and Wired; but we did not find a magazine that speaks directly to us.  So we decided to create a magazine that captures, motivates, educate, empower and push us all at one time in one magazine.

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Solutions Overview

PC Repair

We provide our clients with pc repairs that range from something as simple as virus removal to complex hardware replacement such as laptop screens.

Audit & Inventory

Fast, accurate and up-to-date inventory of computers, servers, and mobile devices.  Deployable over the LAN, WAN, and the Internet.

Business Administration Start-Up Essentials (BASE Program)

Assist business starters with some basic start up information.  Our goal is to provide you with business tips and solutions.

Managed Service Provider

We understand that your time is money.  When your employees are unable to use their time working due to technical issues then your money is being wasted.

Network Monitoring

Our NETs team can provide all the information you will need to manage and run your network infrastructure effectively.

Project Management

Let us carefully plan and organize your next project with success and ease of mind.  We are here to develop, confirm, implement and ensure the project completion.



We provide web designs, logo creations, branding for social media patforms and  banners

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We create and design flyers, church programs, obituaries, and brochures to cover ALL of your printing needs.

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We have covered weddings, expecting pictures, engagment, and special events.

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Who is Sassytechgirl?

Sassytechgirl, LLC. is a multifacet company who specializes in Business Solutions, Graphfx designs, Photography, and started Sassytechgirl in 2015; a magazine that focus on women in the technology arena.

Sassytechgirl...the owner, the woman, and the vision.

Sassytechgirl started out as a descriptive title for the owner Nicole Sassytechgyrl Harvey.  Who embodies what a Sassytechgirl is.  She is a geek, fashionable,  creative, and have been in the IT profession for over 15+ years.  In her years as an IT professional she has worked for several fortune 500 companies holding various positions such as  System Intergrator, IT Security Analyst, Refresh Project Manager, Helpdesk Analyst, IT Security Administrator, Network Operations Analyst and Server/Systems Administrator.

Nicole Harvey is a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, you get the picture.  She is just like you a Woman on a mission to empower, encourage, and educate our future Modern Women and Girls that would like to know more about the awesome world of Technology.

We are more than a magazine, business solution, or a company we are a movement.  We are looking for like minded indiviuals to join our team.  Let's raise the standard of how society views women in the Technology Industry.  We are more than online dating, geeks, secretaries we are CEOs, Executives, Owners, Powerful and Here to Stay!!!!

The What.....Sassytechgirl Magazine

A publication focused on women in ALL arenas of Technology.  The place to share stories of diverse women in Technology by motivating, empowering, educating, and encouraging current and future IT professionals.  Our UPS (unique selling point) we bring the following magazines to one place:  O magazine + Wired + Cosmopolitan = Sassytechgirl Magazine.  It's only the beginning.....Conferences, Trade Shows, and Affliations.'s a movement


Thank You

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Sassytechgirl  Fort Worth, Texas

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